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An important part of cinematic history.


Truly Iconic

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Alzen, let me tell you something. I took a 2-year break after I got my degree in Biochemistry. I worked and worked and studied for my GRE and travelled back to Japan during that time. I disobeyed what my friends and directors told me. They were all telling me to go to grad school right after undergrad. What makes me happy is what I want to do. If you want to take a break, that’s completely fine. Take a break before you embark in a new journey. You need to relax. Get to know yourself a bit more. Not saying that people who go to grad school right away are nuts… I actually congratulate them. I wish them the best. But it wasn’t for me. And look, I have my PhD now. And I’m making a ton of money. So, there’s no set path after undergrad. Do you and be happy. The money will come. Trust me. Screw people who are overly adamant about forcing you to go to grad school and making you feel bad about taking breaks. Do it for your happiness. I did. And right now, I have so much happiness. And a fat bank account.

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Let’s talk about that D.

Oct 9

Nodame and her “various other things”

Sato mistakens poor Takagi for a look-alike criminal. It’s okay though, Takagi. After all, love is pain~

That one time Conan didn’t wear his kicking shoes.

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"Other boys" aka Mitsuhiko.

"We finally meet again my lovely, lovely archrival, Koibito-san."