Una sombra hermosa.


Sato mistakens poor Takagi for a look-alike criminal. It’s okay though, Takagi. After all, love is pain~

That one time Conan didn’t wear his kicking shoes.

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"Other boys" aka Mitsuhiko.

"We finally meet again my lovely, lovely archrival, Koibito-san."

Sep 9

for 8.

Sep 3

Oh I think we’re all waiting for that day.

[Ep. 27] Kogoro’s Class Reunion Murder Case

On Guo Jing’s prior engagement to Hua Zheng.


Aomine keeps catching slipping Satsuki awfully a lot in the official drama CDs… It’s got to have side effects (besides tsundere daidai’s feelings), right?

gah noticed typo grrrr